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Hartley Historic Village
Hartley Historic Village Hartley
Step back in time within the historic village of Hartley set into the western edge of the beautiful Blue Mountains.
Step back in time


Katoomba Town
Katoomba Town Katoomba
Located 100kms west of Sydney, 90 minutes by car or 2 hours by train, Katoomba is the main Village of the Blue Mountains. At 1017m above sea level, the air is clear and the four distinct seasons offer different tourist experiences throughout the year.
Home of the Three Sisters


Leura Village
Leura Village Leura
The picturesque garden village of Leura lies just 119 km west of Sydney, or 90 minutes drive and 117 minutes by City Rail. It is one of the cluster of upper-mountain towns built along the Blue Mountains rail line and the Great Western Highway, overlooking the spectacular world heritage Blue Mountains National Park.
The Garden Village


Wentworth Falls Village
Wentworth Falls Village Wentworth Falls
Wentworth Falls is one of the most beautiful towns in the Blue Mountains boasting the magnificent waterfall for which it is named and possibly the most spectacular bushwalks and views.
One of the most beautiful towns in the Blue Mountains