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Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise is the peak regional economic development agency in the Blue Mountains, Australia. BMEE aims to stimulate economic development in the Blue Mountains through advocacy, investment and job creation.
BMEE has identified four key strategic pillars, which will be the focus of the organisation’s activity over the next three years.
•Health and Wellbeing (including aged care and disabilities)
•Creative Industries
•World-Heritage Industry Development (including tourism, food and bushfire building)
To stimulate economic development in the Blue Mountains through advocacy, investment and job creation, consistent with our competitive advantages.
By 2018 BMEE will be the recognised economic development organisation for the Blue Mountains, delivering significant and measureable contributions to the economy through:
•Encouraging and supporting appropriate investment
•Opening the city for business
•Creating a sustainable and diversified business community
In July 2008, Blue Mountains City Council hosted the Better Futures Economic Forum. With over 100 key stakeholders in attendance, the purpose of this forum was to progress the collaborative vision for a strong and sustainable local economy. Creating an independent body to lead economic development in the region was a key outcome of the forum.
Following detailed consultation with regional stakeholders, the industry-led Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise (BMEE) was formed and incorporated in 2012. The purpose of the BMEE is to support, advocate and promote the Blue Mountains’ economy and facilitate sustainable growth, investment and job creation.
While BMEE works in partnership with all levels of Government and receives funding support from Blue Mountains City Council, BMEE operates as an independent entity.
Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise commenced operations in February 2013.
Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise works closely with the Blue Mountains tourism industry. BMEE recently launched a tourism industry profile which highlights how important this sector is to the local economy:
•The second greatest employer in the Blue Mountains
•Approx 12.9% of local jobs attributable to the Tourism sector
•Over 2000 local jobs
•$105m in wages and salaries
•Tourism industries contribute $195m to Gross Regional Product
•$420m in output
You can download the Blue Mountains Tourism Industry Profile  HERE

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