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Lawson Swimming Pool
Lawson Swimming Pool Lawson
Lawson features one of the Mountains heated Olympic swimming pools.

Open Summer months only.
Operating since the 1930's


Lawson Village
Lawson Village Lawson
The Blue Mountains town of Lawson has had many names. Initially called Twenty Four Mile Hollow due to its location 24 miles from Emu Ford on the Nepean River, the name later changed to Christmas Swamp and then to Blue Mountain.
The original Blue Mountain


North Lawson Park
North Lawson Park Lawson
Waterfalls, shady rainforest ravines, fern-lined pools and creeks and lush vegetation make this a pleasant walk for all seasons.
Blue Mountains National Park


South Lawson Waterfall Circuit
South Lawson Waterfall Circuit Lawson
This historic walking circuit is popular with locals and is just over one kilometre from the Lawson Railway Station.
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TCP Day Tours
TCP Day Tours Lawson
Experience the natural beauty on offer in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

Whether you're enjoying the stunning views, horse riding or cycling across valleys and bushlands, or sampling good food and wine, there's bound to be a tour that's right for you.
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