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Roaring20s Festival and all that Jazz

Celebrate the opulent era when Australia’s first tourist destination kicked up its heels for a decade-long party.
The Roaring 20s Festival and all that Jazz will be held throughout the Blue Mountains region again in February 2018, and is for any egg (person who lives the big life) who loves a shindig (party). 
The celebration of decadence, architecture and jazz music will continue with a dizzying round of costumed balls and high teas, historical walks, fashion parades, outrageous dancing and jazz music.
There will be a fabulous 2018 program for everyone who loves to celebrate the marvellous world of art deco architecture, the beginning of social and fashion freedom, cocktail parties and jazz music.
Bring the Chutzpah back!  We all love the outrageousness of the Charleston, the sensuous Tango and the cheeky Black Bottom dance.
The 1920s was a time to celebrate – the drudgery of World War I was gone, people were happy and kicked up their heels to show it.  The relaxing of `being proper’ is another thing I like. Ladies openly wore makeup without the stigma of being thought of as a `lady of the night’. Everything was almost a dare: the fashion, the makeup, ladies’ traditionally long hair was cut short, skirt lengths rose so that one caught a glimpse of elegant ankles and the dancing was matched by the fabulous rise of jazz and ragtime music.

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