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le Salon Grand

Situated in the original Grand Ballroom of the Palais Royale hotel, le Salon Grand  is an entertainment and events venue.

It is one of the most beautiful venues in the Blue Mountains, designed in the style of the 18th century Rocaille (or French Rococo).

The room is a fine example of the style, otherwise referred to as 'Late Baroque". The style is an exuberantly decorative 18th-century European style which was the final expression of the baroque movement. It pushed to the extreme the principles of illusion and theatricality, an effect achieved by dense ornament, asymmetry, fluid curves, and the use of white and pastel colors combined with gilding,

The Rocaille style  appeared in Paris during the reign Louis XV, and flourished between about 1723 and 1759. The style was used particularly in salons, a new style of room designed to impress and entertain guests.

The characteristics of French Rococo included exceptional artistry, especially in the complex frames made for mirrors and paintings, which sculpted in plaster and often gilded; and the use of vegetal forms (vines, leaves, flowers) intertwined in complex designs.

Le Salon Grand is delightfully decorated with ornate plasterwork in white, gold and pastel blue, with gilt-framed mirrors on its walls. In a word... stunning!

The venue is managed by Entertainment Blue Mountains.

The Palais Royale was originally two buildings, built in 1896. Its varied history includes it being established as a convent, guesthouse and dancehall, then as a Bible college, and now again as a luxury hotel.

December 2019

The Mother's Club

Set in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s, The Mother’s Club™ explores the journey of dating, falling in love, getting married, falling pregnant and having children over a 25 year period.

“This show is all about sharing my story and giving people hope to know that you’re not on your own” said Jane as she stood on stage at the end of her performance to greet and thank her beloved audience. “And if you want to come and talk with me about anything, I’ll be down the back shortly to have a chat with you” – Jane Kellaway.

One night only; Saturday 7th December 2019

On 7th December 2019

Disability Access
Children Welcome
Member Event

February 2020

Be My Baby... Boomer Valentine!

Love to love? or love to laugh?

If you’re Baby Boomers and been together for a while, that proves you’ve got a sense of humour!

If it’s a new romance… Then get her laughing and you’ve won her heart.

Either way, to get the biggest laughs with the best music that blew the bell bottoms off us Baby Boomers, join us on Valentine’s Day.

You won’t believe your ears , or your eyes!

We had ‘hair’ to keep the oldies guessing, but now it’s tattoos and ‘T’ word taboos. So book now and join us.

Share the love… Share the laughter… before get Valentine’s Day itself is banned, canned or panned by the bland without a funny bone.

One night only; Friday 14th February 2020

On 14th February 2020

Disability Access
Member Event

The Strides with James Greening

Fronted by roots man Ras Roni from Barbados via London, Fijian MC LTL GZeus and Sierra Leonian ragga powerhouse Blaka C, The Strides deliver a musical experience that is as explosive as it is authentic.

With 10 years of touring and three  cclaimed albums, festival appearances across the country and having graced the stage with the likes of Third World, Julian Marley, Tony Allen and Groundation, The Strides' music builds on classic roots reggae with a hip-hop edge, bringing together modern dance hall, dub beats and reggae-pop.

Suitable for all ages; minors must be in the immediate company of an adult.

Presented by Music Hunter in association with Entertainment Blue Mountains.

One night Only; Saturday 15th February 2020

On 15th February 2020

Disability Access
Children Welcome
Member Event

Feelin’ Groovy – The ’60s Music Show

The 60’s Music Extravaganza!

Feelin’ Groovy – Cool River’s Tribute to the 60’s Music Show – engages audiences of all ages with timeless classic hit songs from the 60’s decade.From 1960 – 1969, it includes songs from the Summer of Love, Motown, the British Invasion and Swinging London plus a few perennial Aussie favourites!

Book a Dinner and Show. 

Dinner is 3 wonderful courses prepared by the Palais Royale’s Chef. Click here for the menu.

During the interval, Dinner and Show patrons will have dessert… and for anyone who selects the Supper & Show option, a delicious cheese and fruit platter will be served.

A cash bar will be operating at the back of the room.

Click to read more.

On 29th February 2020

Disability Access
Children Welcome
Member Event

June 2020

Unforgettable - A tribute to Nat King Cole

A lifelong fan...

Dorian has meticulously researched Nat’s catalogue to choose iconic original arrangements to transcribe and weave into his show about Nat Cole’s fascinating life.

Since 2015, Dorian has performed his tribute to Nat Cole to sellout crowds across the country - from Sydney’s Independent Theatre, to sellout shows in Melbourne and the Gold Coast Performing Arts Centre. A natural entertainer, Dorian will take you through Nat Cole’s journey to stardom in fascinating anecdote and song, including the classics: Unforgettable, Route 66 and Paper Moon and many more!

One Night Only; 20th June 2020

On 20th June 2020

Disability Access
Children Welcome
Member Event
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