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le Salon Grand

Situated in the original Grand Ballroom of the Palais Royale hotel, le Salon Grand  is an entertainment and events venue.

It is one of the most beautiful venues in the Blue Mountains, designed in the style of the 18th century Rocaille (or French Rococo).

The room is a fine example of the style, otherwise referred to as 'Late Baroque". The style is an exuberantly decorative 18th-century European style which was the final expression of the baroque movement. It pushed to the extreme the principles of illusion and theatricality, an effect achieved by dense ornament, asymmetry, fluid curves, and the use of white and pastel colors combined with gilding,

The Rocaille style  appeared in Paris during the reign Louis XV, and flourished between about 1723 and 1759. The style was used particularly in salons, a new style of room designed to impress and entertain guests.

The characteristics of French Rococo included exceptional artistry, especially in the complex frames made for mirrors and paintings, which sculpted in plaster and often gilded; and the use of vegetal forms (vines, leaves, flowers) intertwined in complex designs.

Le Salon Grand is delightfully decorated with ornate plasterwork in white, gold and pastel blue, with gilt-framed mirrors on its walls. In a word... stunning!

The venue is managed by Entertainment Blue Mountains.

The Palais Royale was originally two buildings, built in 1896. Its varied history includes it being established as a convent, guesthouse and dancehall, then as a Bible college, and now again as a luxury hotel.

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