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Aluminium Etching with Seraphina Martin

Aluminium Etching with Seraphina Martin

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This workshop will teach a safe, non-toxic approach to fine art etching, using copper sulphate with aluminium plates. Suitable for beginners.
In this workshop you will learn a friendly, non-toxic approach to etching, using copper sulphate with aluminium plates, rather than traditional, highly corrosive ferric or nitric acid and expensive copper or zinc plates. Working from a simple line drawing, you will explore this innovative and safe process of etching an image on to the plate and creating fine-art prints. As well as line drawings, you will also create texture using found objects such as leaves, feathers and fabrics. These will be pressed into a varnish on the aluminium plate before etching. Tonal effects, similar to those produced by the aquatint technique, are created without using messy rosin dust. In the printing process, colour will be emphasised, using the viscosity method and stencils, which allow you to apply as many as six colours in only one passage through the press. This method produces excitingly varied effects from the same plate, producing a stunning portfolio of eight - ten colourful prints in just two days. Suitable for beginners, all materials supplied.



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139 Station Street
New South Wales


All materials are supplied for an additional fee of AUD40, paid to the tutor on day one (cash only).
Discounts available on Registration cost for Blackheath Art Society Members.


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