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Visitors to the Blue Mountains can experience history through diverse experiences — from prehistoric trees, Aboriginal culture and Jenolan Caves to convict-built roads, industrial age remnants and some of the most iconic man-made landmarks and attractions in the land including Scenic World, the Hydro Majestic and Carrington hotels.


In Australia’s Blue Mountains Region you measure history in hundreds, thousands and millions of years. Discover trees that started growing before humans began to write their histories down. See rock drawings that have survived 20,000 years. Walk through cave systems etched into the earth 350 million years ago. Meet local guides and Aboriginal Discovery Rangers rich with stories of their spirituality and the ancestor spirits who gave the animals and plants their form during ‘the Dreaming’.

Six Aboriginal language groups treasure connections with this land — Darug, Gundungurra, Dharawal, Darkinjung, Wanaruah and Wiradjuri. Gain an insight into the world’s oldest culture by learning about the Dreamtime from rock art or an Aboriginal guide.


Once considered an impassable barrier, the mountains were crossed by the explorers in 1813, opening up the western plains to farming and settlement. Visit the many remaining heritage remnants or learn about history at a museum.

Learn about pioneering European settlers, walk roads and bridges first carved from the bush by convict labour and amble along some of the oldest bush tracks in Australia. See remnants of the industrial age and soak up the opulent essence still found at numerous grand hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and cafes which make up one of Australia’s first tourist destinations.

Visit the Corridor of Oaks at Faulconbridge where every Australian Prime Minister or a family representative has planted a tree, learn about railway history at Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum or visit Mount York where an obelisk and monument to explorers Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth can be found.


The Blue Mountains Region is the birthplace of the country’s conservation movement and its passion for bushwalking. The Greater Blue Mountains received World Heritage Listing in 2000 in recognition of its outstanding natural value and conservation of biological diversity.